Private information

Owners of this web site are: Plany AS, Haugsbygda 203, 6082 Gursken

Purpose of processing personal data

In connection with customer relationships, we need to obtain information such as name, address, organization number and other necessary information. These are information we exclusively use to manage your customer relationship. We take care of information as long as we have a customer relationship. You have the right to access, correct and delete data we have stored about you. After completion of customer relationships, we will take care of data as long as we consider it appropriate to assist you with any history if you need it.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

The disclosure of personal information will not take place unless it imposes statutory disclosure requirements on public authorities.

Customer Register

Our customer records contain information about the customer as company name, address and contact information of the customer, and information about what the customer and the product the customer has an agreement.


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Use of cookies on this website

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Contact form

When you fill out the contact form on the web page, we store this information in our support system. We will store this information in order to provide customer service. We strive to not take care of your details anymore than necessary.

Email communication support

All emails sent to us will be stored in our system. Desse is logged as part of your customer relationship with us and will be stored as long as you have a customer relationship with us.


It’s possible to share articles on a social media website (for example, Facebook, Youtube). Further handling of data that is shared in social media, hosted by your agreement with the relevant online community.

Inspection, correction and deletion

According to section 18 of the Personal Data Act, the individual requirement for access to information has been registered for one person.
Inspection can be a few by signing to Plany As Email:
If registered information is incorrect, incomplete or you wish to delete your information, one may require this in accordance with section 27 of the Personal Data Act.

Responsible data processor

The privacy code in Plany AS is responsible for the collection of personal information. The person responsible is responsible for the host internal inspection with regard to the processing of personal information, and that any deviations from applicable laws are reported and corrected. We strictly endeavor to comply with applicable privacy laws.

If you have any questions, please contact or by phone: +47 70026820.