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Plany Curtain Systems are used for covering hangars on all kind of wessels. The curtain is made of high quality PVC coated polyester. The fabric is strong and withstand challanging weather conditons and low temperatures. Long lasting, cost efficent, less noice and easy to replace if damaged.

Curtain System
Curtain System


• Horizontal mounting

• Manual operation or air motor


Canvas doors for covering of hangars / garages on ships. The doors are mounted for horizontal operation and manual control. Air motor solutions also available.

Plany Curtain System is made of PVC coated polyester fabric which makes less noice than solutions of steel/aliminium. Our solutions protects your equipment and also gives you sheltered space to work outdoors.

We also deliver covers for ships with the class notation DEICE-C.

Our skilled sales team help you with planning and special designs. Together we arrive at robust, secure and practical solutions.

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