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Aquaculture Seabased
Protecting values
Plany's main focus is to take care of your values. Our professionals have worked with breeders since the 1980s. We are often out on the cages to listen and learn, think aloud and test new ideas. Your fish and plant are in the best hands when choosing Plany.
to tanker
Aquaculture Landbased
Protecting values
Plany's main focus is to take care of your values. Fish welfare is important and we take care of this by delivering good solutions such as jumping edges, upholstery, partition walls and covering of vessels. We work closely with our customers to find the best solution for you. Your fish and plant are in the best hands when choosing Plany.
Maritime and industry
Protecting values
Plany AS delivers a wide range of tailor-made curtains, cargo tires and rolling shutters. The products are resistant to icing and are delivered with manual, electric or hydraulic opening. With our textile-based solutions you avoid problems related to noise, corrosion and permanent deformation of components.
Application of manure
Protecting values
Plany AS has been producing tarpaulin products for agriculture since the 1970s. We follow the changing needs and challenges in the agricultural industry and are constantly developing new profitable solutions. Our most relevant products for agriculture today are silage press, fertilizer storage and floating cover for fertilizer storage. We also produce hoods and other specially adapted cloths for covering machines and equipment.

Plany AS

We create profitable solutions

Plany AS was established in 1964 as a seal maker workshop, primarily as a supplier to the ship and ship industry. Today, most of our customers are from the marine and maritime sector. The largest markets are aquaculture, shipping and building shipyards.


Location and capacity

Our head office is located in Gursken in Sande municipality, and thus well located in relation to important customers and partners in the maritime cluster in Sunnmøre.
We are also well established as a supplier to the international markets. Plany AS currently has equipment and space to handle significant deliveries of technical textiles. We also have a repair and service department.

Quality, environment, HSE

Plany AS supplies technical textiles for use in aquaculture, agriculture and industry. We deliver our product and services to national and international customers.

The environment is important to us and we work actively to prevent and reduce resource use, emissions and waste through risk-based management. We also contribute by delivering high quality products with a long service life. We are concerned with choosing the best solutions for the environment when purchasing products for our production. Plany AS is certified according to ISO 9001 for quality and ISO 14001 for the environment.

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