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The Plany Roller Gate System is a textile door solution for gangway lift towers on offshore wind service operation vessels. Plany offer an innovative alternative to conventional metal doors. Our high-tech fabric and clever design lower costs and increase efficiency on offshore wind farms.

Flexible like a vertical blind

The Plany Roller Gate System is a unique door solution for use with motion-compensated gangways on service operation vessels (SOVs) for offshore wind farms. Made of PVC-coated fabric, the door resembles an adjustable vertical blind rather than a standard metal rolling door.

The system is attached to the lift tower on a vessel. When service personnel need to “walk to work” onto the wind turbine, a gangway is positioned between the lift tower and the turbine, providing safe passage.

“The Plany Roller Gate moves up and down automatically on the lift tower as the gangway changes height with the motion of the sea. 

The adjustable door continually seals off the lift tower opening, leaving only the gangway entrance accessible to personnel. The system is operated with hydraulic or electric power and is customised for each vessel.

The Plany Roller Gate System ensures safe passage when offshore wind personnel walk to work.

Wind, wave and ice resistant

The Plany Roller Gate System improves on metal doors in a number of ways.

Our door solution is quiet, corrosion resistant, and easy to maintain.Repairs can be done offshore, which saves money, and the cost of replacement is lower than metal doors.

In addition, the system stands up to all kinds of weather. Besides being wind and water safe, the material is more resistant to icing than metal doors.