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Plany Lumpfish Kelp is a high-quality cleaner fish kelp certified according to NS9415: 2009.

To thrive in salmon cages, lumpfish are dependent on good resting places where there is something they can attach themselves to. Made of abrasion-resistant fabric, the kelp provides an especially thick surface for the lumpfish to rest on.
Plany Lumpfish Kelp comes in panels that are hung in the net-pens with ropes. Normally two panels are placed parallel to each other to form a delousing corridor, which the salmon swim through.
Plany Lumpfish Kelp is made from high-quality, food grade material. This eliminates the risk of contamination from toxic compounds and microplastics. The material can be recycled as well.
In addition, Plany Lumpfish Kelp is durable and easy to clean and maintain. The product’s long lifetime reduces waste and equipment costs.