Service and repair

Service and repair


We set store by good and close cooperation with our customers. That is why we often visit fish farms, shipyards and industrial companies – both in order to give advice and training and to learn more about relevant issues. We carry out any necessary repairs and adjustments at short notice.

• Reinforcing lifting points
• Repairing tears and damage
• Repairing floats, sinkers and chains
• Replacement of damaged sections of large tarpaulins
• Calculating the costs of repairs compared with buying a new product

Correct fitting is crucial for a good end product. Plany has its own fitters who can do the job for you. We also carry out service on already fitted products.

We have a 500-square-metre repair shop at Myklebustmyrane in Gursken. There, we can take delivery of large tarpaulins for alterations, repairs and changes of function. We can both sew and weld PVC.  Excellent disinfection procedures.

Through our authorised service partner Mørenot Aquaculture, we carry out service on already fitted products. Any repairs and adjustments are carried out at short notice.

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Plany AS was established in 1964 as a seal maker workshop, primarily as a supplier to the ship and ship industry. Today, most of our customers are from the marine and maritime sector. The largest markets are aquaculture, shipping and shipbuilding.



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