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Plany Cleanerfish help for Wrasse is a high-quality cleaner fish kelp.

To thrive in salmon cages, cleanerfish are dependent on a good resting place. The kelp for wrasse has fabric which is softer than the material used for the lumpfish, and imitates the seaweed that the wrasse naturally resides in. 

Plany Cleanerfish Kelp for Wrasse comes in panels that are hung in the net-pens with ropes. Normally two panels are placed parallel to each other to form a delousing corridor, which the salmon swim through. 

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Plany AS was established in 1964 as a seal maker workshop, primarily as a supplier to the ship and ship industry. Today, most of our customers are from the marine and maritime sector. The largest markets are aquaculture, shipping and shipbuilding.



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