Customized solutions have been our field since 1964. We produce most PVC, cloth and filter cloth.

Our skilled production staff is aware of the challenges that arise in the production of technical textiles and we often work closely with our customers.

In our administration we have a technical draftsman, engineer and employees with long experience. We prepare drawings and user manuals for our product.

In our production facilities we have cranes to help us with both small and large logs. In addition, we have sewing machines, welding machines and enamel machines. Welding can also be performed outside with the customer with handheld solutions.

We see the best solutions and also limitations so that you as a customer get the best result.

We hope you will challenge us!

Tailor-made technical textiles

Plany can supply most of the solutions in technical textiles.

We have extensive experience with customized projects. Plany can deliver complete systems or partial delivery for various projects, depending on what you want.

Plany can offer a wide range of textiles adapted to weight, tear strength, stress, chafing, fire class, environment, food production, etc. Tarpaulin is not just tarpaulin in our world!

Call us or send an inquiry if you think you have a challenge we can help you solve.

Most of our products today exist because it started as tailoring for 1 customer.

Welcome to become a problem solver with us.

Welcome, be a problem solver with us.